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Star Trek XI

Everyone's playing in the new-happy-shiny fandom now, and I can only grin like a gibbering idiot at the wonderfulness that it is producing. :glee: I spent 2 hours watching this vid alone, and it's to a freakin' Lady Gaga song. But it's amazing and I love it more every time I watch it. I also rediscovered killabeez's wonderful TOS K/S ship manifesto and am reveling in the epicness of their love and the awesomeness of a fandom that's 20 years older than I am. Maybe during this summer hiatus fandom can distract itself with the shiny instead of wanking all the time. I can dream, right?
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So Amazon.com has been removing GLBTQ books from their sales ranking lists and even search results. These removals began as early as February, but hundreds of books were been removed from the rankings this weekend, including romance novels, self-help books, biographies, history books, books on gender & queer theory and feminism, GLBT dating guides, sex education books, and even a book on the military ban on gays. These books are supposedly banned from the rankings due to "adult" content, but books with similarly "adult" content, such as straight sex or violence, remain ranked.

meta_writer has several threads of collected info links here (link), here (link), and here (link).

Amazon Rank (link) definition for to help the Google bomb started by the lovely ladies at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books (link).
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Supernatural & Masculinity

It's hiatus, so how about some thinky thoughts to keep us occupied? Lately I've been working on some meta about ways that masculinity is presented in SPN, and I started wondering what fandom at large thinks.

On one hand, Sam and Dean may represent a very traditional idea of American masculinity, saving people and hunting things in a muscle car, hooking up with women before leaving them when the job's done. But what about the boys' occasional forays into teary chick-flick moments and questions from outsiders like "King or two queens?", questions that seem to indicate that even within the canon universe, there's something not-so-traditional about their relationship and their respective presentations of masculinity?

How do you interpret it when you're watching an episode and the boys do something stereotypically masculine or something "gender transgressive"? You can take this in any direction you like, but here's a few things that I've been thinking about:

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RL? What's that?

Figured an update a month's good, right?

New icons! *shiny* Sorry that most of the creators aren't credited. I just never remember to save them with the creator's name. >_< Wasn't there some talk a while back about more icon space? I never have any idea what's happening on LJ unless it shows up on fandomwank.

So, 21st birthday came and went. Got driver's license finally, got car that I don't have to pay for, which is sweet. Party Friday that Caroline might just come too (shocking). Let's not get quite so drunk this time, eh Kat-chan? XD

Taking a page from TJ and me, Lauren's been talking to menfolk on OkCupid. One of them bought her soup. Will keep you informed of any future developments. I don't know, the only guy I met online that I still talk has a none-too-good reputation around the apartment, but that's a story that for various reasons is neither here nor there.

So excited for SPN Thursday! I really need to get working on the meta that I was going to write for angstybromance but writing too many "real" papers has me momentarily disillusioned with all things academic. I'm sure it'll come back to me by next week or so, probably after my Shakespeare paper is written.
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OMG you guys...

Lance Bass is gonna be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars. Excuse me while I fangirl nostalgically in the corner. It seems like every other season they put people on that make me watch their crappy show!